You crushed my crush .

I liked him , you didn’t .
I whispered it , you giggled.
I fanticised him , you criticized me .
You oathed to comfort me , i trusted , you deceived .
You began talking to him, hope started fabricating within me.
You started to laugh with him , my inner me started to laugh on me .
He began making a bond with you , i began to think of saving the bond between us.
Seeing you his heart started to melt , seeing him my heart strated to sank .
Now was the time for me to make a choice between your happiness and mine .
Mind commanded to be selfish , but heart requested to be generous.
Body said to snatch him from you, emotions said to hug and leave his thought for you .
Fortunate you are that i obeyed my heart, for you i burried my mind’s command..
My crush was happily crushed under the bond of our friendship
But don’t worry, I’ll never ever call you a villain; because i left my desire by my own decision.
This secret will forever be kept upto me, afterall i sacrificed my love for thee. ♥



Crowd surrounded her , thinking her to be a lifeless body but she was alive .. her body didnt move but her mind and soul were still in perfect senses. She could hear the sound of the ambulance arriving and could feel her mothers tears over her face . Only thoughts that clutched her mind were why am i living after being raped?

She lost her father in a car accident , after that she was left all alone with her mother. AT that time she used to go at the terrace of her building to get a break from her loneliness .

Seeing the city through the terrace was her favorite way to come out of the loneliness . But she was unaware of the fact that someone else used to see her loneliness on the terrace as an opportunity to make her body his own.

One evening she was raped in front of her bestfriend’s eyes, the terrace . She cried but not a single tear fell from her eyes . Her mother knew what had happened to her but kept quite. and one day she decided to end her loneliness.  She went to her bestfriend but didnot say anything , and jumped from a fifteen story building .

She died durning her surgery . But she knew that the terrace would not have any traces of what had happened with her .

angel ❤..

“Mom! Where did my sister go ?”.. asked a little boy pointing to his mother’s tummy..
Tears strated falling from the mother’s eyes coz she did not know what to answer to her 4 year old son who when inquired about her mom’s hefty tummy was told by people that he is soon going to have a baby brother by his side ,but was silently answered by his mother that he will soon have a little sister to play with ..
The boy was so excited only at the thought of having a sister  that his mother can never ever think of taking that baby girl away from her son  but the world had planned something else for her .
Mother was speechless what if she tell her son that the world around them, did not want to welcome his sister..!! How would he react to this 😦 how painful would it be for that little soul 😥
All these things were making her anxious  but she was bought back to the present by her sons voice asking the same questions “where did she go ?? , why she left us ??”
Converging all her fortitude, she answered “God wanted an Angel  for himself, so he took your sister away ” ..👣

PEN down..

With many thoughts in my mind ..and a pen in my hand ✍ I sat down to write the feelings of my heart ❤ thinking that words express feelings 🌸more than actions..😊 but I ended up wiping tears 🎈

POetic ..not so poetic :)

Darkness in the room.. but light in my heart ❤tears in eyes but a hope in heart 💚 falling for uh every minute at nyt..but what are the feelings on the other side ❤
The battle of ardor every minute takes place awakening my soul from its clumsy phase  ..

i actually dont know what you are to me .🙈but my hedge knows what u mean to me 👻

That girl, that day..

That girl .. that day ❤ was a way different from all..
For everyone she was an ordinary girl..with two eyes ,a nose and lips ..but to him those features were a beautiful piece of artwork ❤
Every night he would sleep with a wish to meet her the coming day ❤and Every morning ..would wake up with a hope to meet her today .
His eyes would search for that angelic beauty everywhere !! ..
Years passed and “That girl ❤ ” became an unaccomplished dream for him 😦 A dream he thought to be a fascinating one became a painting with no colours to him
But life has to go on..
So he Huddled all his hopes ..packed them in a pallet ..and started living with the hope “That girl❤” one day..🌸

Imperfect is perfect..

have you ever thought about the imperfections you have ?

Sigh..almost every second we think about our flaws . We shed tears over things that are not even worth crossing our minds. Every skinny man or woman on this earth would dream to gain some extra flesh and those with lots of carbohydrates in their body would work hard to shed those extra kilos off.

Why ? Do you want to be perfect ? Why can’t you enjoy your imperfections ?

Its not because people point your flaws but its that you are not contented with your own self . You are desirous to the compliments the girl/boy sitting next to you receives .

A good boyfriend/husband , an adorable body shape or a million dollars in your bank account are all worthess without the inner contentment.

Be happy with your ownself ..

Imperfections are beautiful too..its just the way you look at them 🙂

Imperfect is perfect ❤